Friday, August 6, 2010

August and Everything After

Fall is approaching and it is my absolute favorite time for all-and probably more than I am forgetting-these reasons:

*The humidity of summer fades away and walking outside between the hours of 10am-8pm becomes a little more bearable.
*Fall Fashion-need I say more?? Fall fashion magazines are my favorite because they are so thick and filled with wonderful pictures of the new fall fashions. I received my 1st one today and it was so heavy I had to sit up in bed to read it.
*Boots-every year I think I am good on boots and don't need anymore. And then I read said magazines and realize I want 5 more pairs. It's kind of an obsession.
*Fall TV- Finally all the shows that left you hanging in June are back! And new shows too!!
*Kevin's birthday is in August. Our anniversary is in September. Halloween is in October. Good times for every month! And then November is Jack's birthday and Thanksgiving and December is Christmas...before you know it the New Year is here!!
*Fall food is the best. The nights start to get a little colder so we always start cooking more comfort food. Pot Roast and Chili are my two faves! And the apples are the best in the fall. I can't wait until the Honeycrisp apples come back!
and of course...FOOTBALL SEASON!!
I have an upcoming post that expands on this, but Fall wouldn't be Fall without football. I got my first fantasy football league invite yesterday and it got me all giddy with excitement!

And that is why August and everything after -great album by the way- is the best time of the year for me.

So what's your favorite season? And what makes it your favorite??


Ali@LastSplash said...

Just like you, the FALL! I was really undecided about having a kid in August until I realized that I would be off work the whole fall.

I also love football, sweaters and jeans, haunted houses, beer (something is just better about grilling out with beer in the fall), the State Fair, and the gorgeous weather!

Dawn said...

I would have to say all seasons are pretty good. Winter can be a bit harsh, summer can be that way too, but bbq's, drinking outside and no school means it is spectacular any way you look at it. Fall is great, my allergies tend to subside and the weather is just about perfect for me. I agree, great comfort food too. Spring is probably my least favorite, not much going on, and it usually is pretty "wet" around here, but the temperature is pretty good and you start to see the pretty lillies start to bloom in the neighborhood. If I had to pick, I would pick summer, because I don't have to work, I can swim anytime I want, and I can drink and bbq more too!