Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ask and you shall receive

I was just talking about feeling uninspired so I am grateful to have read one of my favorite blogs today, Last Splash. Her latest post directed me to the Working Mommy's Network where every Wednesday she gives 2 questions to inspire a post. Now I'm not sure if my part time working status qualifies me to be a member of the Working Mommy network, but it seems like a nice place without too many rules, so I am hoping that no one will punish me for only being a Part Time Working Mommy. So without further ado here are today's questions:

#1. What is your most stressful time of day and why?  This is a tricky question for me because our house doesn't really follow the Monday-Friday, 9-5, to the tee schedules that most households do. My husband and I work in industry's with more crazy hours, it's hard to follow a schedule to the nose. But most days I would say this time is probably between 5pm and 8pm- right before Jack goes to sleep. This is the time that I am either: dropping Jack at my sister-in-laws so she can watch him until Kev gets home from work and I am at work, trying to make dinner for us and Jack while also making sure he is content and out of trouble, or if Kev is working a late shift then I am doing the latter, just quicker so I can also get Jack into bed at a decent time.

#2. If you could have one day all to yourself, how would you spend it? That's a loaded question, but I think it would probably go something like this... Sleep in, meet girlfriends for lunch and then get a pedicure and a massage. After, we'd sit at Starbucks and chat for a few hours. Then I'd go home, read a little, catch up on some DVR'd shows and relax- maybe even take a midday nap because midday naps are the best. Then I'd go out to dinner with Kev and some friends. A long dinner. Complete with appetizer and dessert. Also a few bottles of wine. And then we'd go out afterwards and let loose, maybe with some 'bombs.

How about you?


Amy said...

Welcome to the working world! If I had a day to myself I would definately visit a spa. Then maybe a few hours on the beach to relax and catch up on a good book! nothing too exciting!

Julia Ladewski said...

so glad you joined us today!!! and so glad my prompts could be of inspiration to you!!

come back next wednesday for more WMW... and of course throughout the week i'm always talking working mom stuff! ;)

R. Molder said...

Here for WMW, sounds like you have a great plan for relaxing.

Ali@LastSplash said...

Thanks for the nod...I should mention I found it through D...Dearinger Diary.

I would link but it's way past bedtime for this working mommy!

Once again, I wish I lived near you and we could form a mom group!