Friday, July 16, 2010

Stop this train, I need to get off

In case you haven't noticed I've become a bit of a food hound lately. I mean for goodness sakes I just posted about Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies.

Clearly an intervention is needed.

And fast- because on my last trip to Sam's Club,
I purchased this:
I am now the proud owner of 35 oz's of Cheese Balls.

What was I thinking??

I've become WAY less vigilant about the way I eat in the past few weeks for a number of reasons:

1.) We plan on adding to our brood so I don't see the need to slim down a ton and then gain it all back  I never claimed my logic was right...
2.) Now that Jack is crawling and cruising all over the place I grab what I can. And lets face it...cheese balls and other assorted crap foods are much easier to grab in a pinch.
3.) The Hubs and I have seemingly opposite schedules and I HATE cooking just for myself. And even when it is the 2 of us, it seems so hard lately to find the time or motivation to make any meal-much less a healthy one.

I know. Waha. Waha. Maybe it's just the yucky feeling in my tummy right now from eating cheese balls and a coke at 1 am or maybe it was catching a glance at my bloated tummy in the mirror, but I feel like I need to get back on track, at least a little bit, and soon.

I need to come up with some sort of plan.
Step 1: Find someone willing to give Cheese Balls a good home. (Besides my tummy)
Any Takers??


Jo said...

We use to by the big cheese ball containers - our lab loved them When she saw the container come in the house she was all excited!

anne maskell said...

I read your post and had to laugh! It sounded so familiar! Not worrying about loosing weight because of impending, (or so I hoped!) pregnancy, eating in a rush, and junk food in the middle of the night! Sounds like my life, past and present! (except for the pregnancy thing!) Good luck! I'm visiting with sew can do, I'd love it if you visited me too! By the way, your little one is adorable!