Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm in Reno-Hell

I simultaneously love and hate home improvement projects.
Or maybe I should clarify.
I love the idea of them but then somewhere in the middle of the grunt work I wonder what in the hell possessed me to take on such feats.

And that's exactly where I am right now.

Kev and I are tackling our biggest project yet which includes several phases:
Phase 1: Re-paint the whole living room, foyer and both stairway walls (including the death-defying hard to get to corner of the the vaulted ceiling wall that is over the stairs) . Did I mention we are painting all the trim white??
Phase 2: Install hardwood floors in living room and kitchen-they are attached- and stairs.
Phase 3: New counter tops in the kitchen

We are not even ankle deep in Phase 1 and I am already freaking out. Mostly because I hate the middle part of a redo. You know when tools and other random things are strewn about. Add to this my VERY active almost 9 month old and you have a recipe for disaster.
Did I mention that it's a miracle if Kevin and I have a day off together to get any of this done??
And that I am having a huge party on the 14th and need at least phase 1 and 2 to be done??

The good news: Kev and I have 2 good days off together to get a chunk of it done and as a bonus my mom is taking Jack so we wont have to worry about him getting in to anything.

The bad news: No blogging til the paint is dry!

Hope to see you soon with some great before and after pictures!!

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can't wait to see the finished results...(: