Friday, July 9, 2010

8 months and mommy jealousy

This is when the mommy blogger in me comes out. When my little boy is fast asleep for a midday nap and I have a free minute to pause and think about how quickly this time is rushing by.
It is sometimes hard to believe how fast my little boy is growing. He is quickly transforming from a helpless baby to a big boy with his own unique personality. It is so amazing to watch him explore the world around him.
The last few months seem to bring changes and new things daily. Jack is now crawling all over the place, pulling himself up like he's been doing it for years, and cruising (attached to some piece of furniture of course!!). He's even mastered the stairs:

That's right he can't walk yet, but he figured out how to get himself onto that 1st stair! (Don't worry, I was spotting him the whole time I took took this picture!)
Just when Kev and I think we've baby proofed enough, Jack let's us know we have not.
He is an inquisitive little thing and likes to get into stuff. I also fear he's going to be a climber due to his love of climbing the stairs and the bumper in his crib. The good news is that since I now spend most of my time chasing after him, I have been able to drop a few pounds. At this rate by the time he is walking, I will have my high school body back! (A girl can dream right?)
Besides the crawling and moving around Jack is also talking. I swear some days he seems to say "Yea", and "Hey" when we are talking to him. He also says, "Dadda, Daddy, Daddy". I'll admit that even though I was proud of my little guy for muttering his first words, I did feel a twinge of disappointment that it was not "Mama". I take comfort in knowing that:
a.) He has no clue what he is actually saying
b.) All the books say "dada" usually comes first because it is easier to say

I think my disappointment also is stemming from the fact that Jack seems to be a bit of a daddy's boy lately. All Jack seems to want lately is daddy. When Kevin leaves for work he cries for him, when I leave...nothing. He crawls to Kev and wants to held by him all the time-sometimes even when I am holding him.
I know this isn't a bad thing, after all Kevin is a wonderful father. I understand why Jack is so enthralled with him. But its hard not to feel a little hurt, sad, and jealous of this sometimes. I know not to take it personally though because he is a baby and he's going to go thru these phases.
I'm just hoping that a "mommy phase" is somewhere in the near future!!

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