Saturday, June 5, 2010

A weekly wrap-up

Some thoughts...

*I am addicted to baby food. These...are da'bomb. I have tried to find a suitable adult replacement & so far Pirates Booty is the closest I have found. It's not as good, but at least I don't feel guilty for taking my 7 month olds food.

*My mom watched Jackson Friday night-overnight, so Kev and I got a much needed date night. Even if I had to watch the Hawks lose, it was nice to actually watch the game for once- instead of waiting on a bunch of ignorant people who sit at your table all day and don't tip.
*Speaking of tipping...I am becoming more and more serious about fighting to get a new curriculum in our schools. I think that it should be mandatory for all high school students to work as a tipped hourly employee. It should be a work/school class combo. Also taught in this class-cell phone etiquette and basic manners. Who do I take this to? The school board??

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Ali@LastSplash said..., Jacob, the pup, and I polished off half a bottle of Peach Puffs. I like the ones that have so much flavor on them they're orange.