Thursday, June 17, 2010

A post about boobs

I guess you could call this post a review...kinda.

2 months ago the Hubs and I were doing some shopping for our trip to Mexico. I needed a new bra so we made a quick stop into Victoria's Secret. In the front of the store was a display for all the new Miraculous Bra's . If you've seen the commercial-"Hello Bombshell"- you know that it promises to instantly add 2 cup  sizes. Since I was pretty happy with my C+'s,  I didn't feel the need to take a looksy so I walked on by. But as I was browsing the store I stumbled on a grey bra in a unique print that I liked. When I picked it up, I realized that it was a Miraculous bra and I dropped it almost immediately.
Because it's insanely padded and I haven't worn a padded bra since-well never.
The Hubs convinced me to try it on as a joke, and truthfully I wondered what it would look like. In my mind I pictured myself looking absurdly ridiculous, but a small part of me wondered what I would look like if I "kicked it up a notch". I had always been pretty happy with the situation in my chestal region, but I must say that the Miraculous Bra is actually a pretty decent bra.

Here's my honest review-
The padding in this bra freaked me out, but once I put it on I forgot it was even there. It's very comfortable and the fit of it pushes your boobs out in a way that looks natural with the padding. It's by far, one of the most comfortable bra's I've ever worn. But there are other pluses too. Like the fact that bigger boobs make your waist seem smaller! After trying it on and putting my shirt back on to see how it looked I was surprised at how much thinner and curvier I was. The fact of the matter is that it made my boobs look bigger, but not  in such a way that would cause all my friends to think I had some work done. And it made me feel more confident, so it was an easy sell.

All in all ladies...if you are feeling a little daring I highly recommend this bra, but keep this in mind first:

*In my opinion this bra is not for thin and petite women. You run the risk of looking too dis-proportionate and un-natural. If that's the look your going for...rock on. But otherwise I would stay away.
*Also, I would not recommend this bra for girls still on the dating scene. Wearing this bra is false advertising and is bound to lead to some disappointments in the bedroom when the guy you are seeing/doing/dating finally gets to 2nd base and realizes somethings, er, missing.
*Unless you are looking for a lake to form in your bra, I do not recommend wearing this bra on extremely hot days. Just trust me on this one.
* Be prepared to go through porn star boobie withdrawal when you take this bra off. The other day I put on my regular everyday bra and felt a little...deflated. :-(


Ali@LastSplash said...


But I won't be trying your bra...I doubt they make it in a 38 DDD, even if I wanted to look like a fat Heidi Montag.


Blogs said...

I need new ones sooooo bad....Victoria's Secrets don't like my boobs:( I hate orangutans.....

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