Sunday, May 30, 2010

Finale Season...A review!

Now that most shows have ended for the year, it's time to recap and review what happened on our Favorite shows. If you don't see a review here on a show you like feel free to add it in via comment!

WARNING!!! Spoilers Ahead!!

Gossip Girl: This show has been a guilty pleasure of mine for quite sometime now. Half of me revels in the hour of young adult angst and the other half of me is slightly horrified that this show is actually geared for a younger demographic. That said...I love me some GG! This season finale dragged on a bit for me.Serena and Nate bore me. Vanessa and Dan do too and while I love the whole Chuck & Blair endless chase, the story line is getting a bit old for me. I did however like the nod to "An Affair to Remember" even if I knew Blair would end up meeting him in the end anyways. And then there is stupid Jenny Humphrey. If anyone should be shot this season it should have been her...xoxo!

American Idol: BLAH!! That is how I've felt all season, so at least I can say the shows been consistent! It's not that I dislike Lee or Crystal, I'm just really indifferent towards them. I can honestly say that I could care less who won because neither of them really WOWed me. The main reason I even tuned in to the finale was because Idol's finale is usually good for some kick ass collaborations. Usually being the operative word in that sentence. Maybe I didn't get the memo, but apparently tonight was Senior night. Nothing against the musicians- I happen to enjoy Chicago, Hall & Oates, the Bee Gees,etc, on occasion-but COME ON! I'm willing to bet that half the viewing audience had no idea who half the people were. The whole Simon tribute was sweet but overdone. I say this even though I am sad to admit I did tear up a little when the previous winners came out and sang for him. I will miss Simon-he was usually the only voice of reason on the show. The Paula speech was awkward. I felt so awkward watching it that I used the time to grab a snack. I'm not a fan of Lee's "Beautiful Day". I feel that if you are going to cover a U2 song, it needs to be amazing and Lee's hardly is. And while I enjoyed the intention, why have Crystal collaborate with Alanis and sing a song that you have to change the lyrics too soo much!
My highlight of the night- Pant's on the Ground!! ;-)

Dancing with the Stars: I'll keep it short people. Erin and Max were my favorites. Had Nicole not been competing I think Erin could have taken it. Nicole and Derek were fantastic and their Jive was- I think- the best dance on the show-EVER. But if I am being honest I think it was a little unfair to put Nicole in the same category as the others when she clearly has had way more dance training. And Evan was good but his face is oddly creepy for me, like a cartoon characters. So for me, no matter how good the dance I was distracted!
And why, oh why did they let Kate Gosslin dance again? I'm embarrassed for her...

Brothers and Sisters: This show is dangerously close to getting the DVR boot. Everyone knew that Robert was going to die because he is leaving the show. No big surprise there. The Saul storyline was the only one that really intrigued me. Rebecca and Justin's plot line needs some serious redirection and the whole Narrow Lake mystery was anti-climatic.

Desperate Housewives: Sometimes I just mainly watch this show because there is nothing else better to watch on a Sunday night. But then as I am watching it, I find I still enjoy it. So whatever works right? Desperate Housewives season finales are always good for one thing- a really great cliffhanger. And this one was no exception. So the real mystery next season...Whose baby was switched at birth and why is Paul Young back? I'll definitely be back in the fall to find out!

Grey's Anatomy: WOW!! I'll admit I was getting bored with this season, but this finale sure shot some life back into the show!!(Pun intended) I've never been so on the edge of my seat for a TV finale. I could go on and on about how great it was but if you watched it you know! And if you haven't...what are you waiting for. Just make sure you grab some tissues before you sit down to watch!

How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, and Cougar Town: I'm sorry I lumped all the 30 min comedies into one but their season finales are usually a little less insignificant than the hour long dramas. That said I still enjoyed them all. If you are not watching these 3 shows you are missing out. Modern Family is hands down the best new comedy on TV right now.
Also notable mentions...30 Rock, Community & Parks and Recreation

LOST: Please feel free to comment all you want on this one because I have little to say. I never watched a single episode of LOST yet I sat through the whole 2 hour finale for some reason. I know very little of the show, so I am sure many of the little nuances & messages were lost on me-no pun intended. That said in the way of Series Finales I thought it was pretty good, and for some reason I even cried at the end during the church sequence. Maybe it was just my hormones though...

Parenthood: I don't really feel that this episode should be called a finale, as it seemed like any other episode to me. This season finale seemed to say "Please Hold" while other season finales shout "YOU GOTTA COME BACK OR ELSE", and I respect that. Parenthood has been a quiet, but good show all year. It creeped in mid-season and has been delightful ever since. So while nothing of epic proportions happens, I can say with no uncertainty that I will be back in the Fall to continue to watch the Bravermen's!

The only finale left is Glee which I can't wait for. That show is brilliant.
Did I leave any out? What's your take on the shows ending. Any shows I missed? Comment away!

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