Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Those who are easily offended look away!

This post is not for you.

For those of you who know me in real life you know that I am sarcastic, crude at times, and mostly inappropriate. I don't take myself too seriously and sometimes this results in the classic foot-in-mouth predicaments. I am happy to apologize if I truly offend someone because I am not a mean girl at heart. I just usually speak without thinking.
That being said I need to get something off my chest...

Overly-sensitive people annoy the living shit out of me!!

Today, I put a post on a message board I frequent asking for book recommendations. I'm looking for some good reads in Mexico and the ladies on The Bump are usually good for such advice. I wrote that I planned on taking the new Chelsea Handler book "Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang" with me but was looking for some other light reading. I got a lot of good suggestions. And then I got this one:

"Can I please talk you into returning the Chelsea Handler book? I am boycotting her after she made fun of preemies on the Ellen show."

This peeked my interest. I know Chelsea isn't the most PC comedian, but she is a COMEDIAN. She isn't meant to be taken seriously. Anywho-I decided to check out the clip myself, wondering what horrible atrocities Chelsea committed on Ellen and well...watch for yourself...

No you didn't miss it...the Cabbage Patch preemie comment was it. Now, in this woman's defense she did have a preemie, so I can appreciate her sensitivity on the subject. But REALLY? Clearly this woman knows nothing of Chelsea Handler because this is tame compared to most of what she says! So you are "boycotting" something you don't even know because of one little harmless comment. I think this falls in the over sensitive category.
I am so sick and tired of people being offended by EVERYTHING! As my husband says, "People need to stop being such pussies about every little thing." (He wanted me to make sure I put this on my blog as he thinks calling people "pussies" is hilarious. Apparently I married a 12 year old boy!)
America it's time for you all to grow a pair...and if you can't "man" up and stop being so easily offended over every stinking thing than at least STFU about it!!

Thank you and Good DAY!


Alisha S. said...

gotta love the bump ;) Hope you enjoy your book

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