Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hoppy Easter Folks!

For the first time in years-minus weddings and funerals- I stepped foot in a church today.

This is a big feat because dispite my Catholic upbringing and years of parochial school as I grew into an adult, I grew away from the church. I think for a lot of people questioning your faith comes at least once in your life and I spent most of my 20's quietly putting my faith on a shelf.

It's hard to explain my views on religion. It's a very grey area for me and I can't really find the words to explain it all. In a nutshell, I have beliefs but I'm not really into practicing them. I haven't gone to a legitimate mass probably since I graduated 8th grade and Kevin and I had no desire to get married in a church. Instead we were married by a lovely pastor in a quick but meaningful outdoor ceremony we put together ourselves. If you really asked me how I described my relationship with religion, I guess I would call myself more spiritual than religious.

Then we had Jack.

Having a child makes you reflect on things you don't normally think about on a daily basis. While Kev and I aren't particularly religious we think it's important to give our children the choice for themselves. When it came time to plan Jack's baptism we settled on a quaint Lutheran/Non-denominational Church right down the street from our house. The Pastor was friendly, welcoming and warm without being preachy-if that makes any sense. So we booked Jackson's baptism and became members of the church.

Today was our first time there and I must say...I enjoyed myself. Going to a church with a child is a whole new experience. Jack's eyes were all over the place and every time we sang the hymns he smiled with delight. The other members of the church were very welcoming. After service several ladies came over and introduced themselves to us. One kind older lady even gave us her Easter Lily. Leaving the service filled me with a sense of peace and love. It kind of caught me off guard...feeling that way. I didn't expect to be moved like that.

It was a wonderful way to start our Easter Sunday. We came home and gave Jack his Easter basket and spent the day relaxing. We even took a midday nap together, which was pure bliss.
I couldn't have asked for a better day.

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