Thursday, April 1, 2010

The final countdown

We are in the final stretch folks. In 10 short days I will be kissing my 20's goodbye and grabbing 30 by the proverbial balls.
I'm ok with 30. I know most people are terrified of their 30's, but I'm excited to see what they have to offer. My 20's were a perfect mix of fun, drama, and bring it on 30!
For the past few weeks I've had a lot of people ask me what I want for my birthday and this question always catches me off guard. It's not like I carry a list around with me at all times. And speaking of wish lists, I'm a little on the fence about them. On one hand I am a practical girl, and asking for what you want is the best way to get it. It's also the best way to avoid having to lie when you get something that you don't want. On the other hand, some of the best presents I've ever been given were things I would've never even thought to ask for.
So this year I decided to actually sit down and create a little wish list of sorts. Maybe somewhere my fairy godmother is listening....

*If this were a true dream wish list a weekly cleaning service would be tops on my list but I'll be realistic here. I would really love love love a New Vacuum. Ours is old and heavy and has lost all suction. I'm not particular on brands. Something shiny, new and a little more lightweight would rock my world. Also, if the floor cleaning gods could bestow a Steam Mop on me I would be eternally grateful.

*Anyone who knows me knows I love to entertain. So something I have really been longing for lately is one of these fancy drink dispensers:
I think my Sangria would look lovely in it. I could also use a new martini shaker. And I just went to a friends house and she had a basket shaped like a martini glass. It even had a little bowl in it-the olive-for dip. It was awesome! I looked all over the Internet and can't seem to find it, so if anyone has any leads let me know!!

*Because I like to entertain and I'm somewhat crafty, I have recently become obsessed with Martha Stewart's Paper punches. I love making my own invites and these would really kick them up a notch!

*After years of denying it, I'll admit it....I want a designer purse!! I know there are better things that I could spend my money on but for once I would like a luxurious and totally superficial gift. The COACH Payton and Maggie are 2 of my faves.

*And last but not least...a shopping spree for new clothes that fit my trim new body!!

You all have 10 shopping days left...make it work!! ;-)

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