Saturday, March 13, 2010

Shopping for clothes-Post Baby

Back in the day I was a champion shopper. I was an equal opportunity shopper, but clothes and shoes were my #1 weakness. It certainly didn't help matters, or my checking account, that I worked in a mall, but that's beside the point. The point is that on any given day I could find one, if not many, cute things to buy.
Fast forward to today.
I have a slew of events coming up that require more pizzaz than my usual jeans and t-shirt uniform so I decided to raid my closet for some acceptable pieces. FAIL! Everything in my closet either a.)bored me b.)didn't fit right or c.)didn't work well as an outfit. This only meant one thing...A shopping trip! I used to shop for sport, but since the Jack's arrival my shopping trips have turned into more of drive-by's during naptime. Last night I dreamt of all the wonderful things I was going to get at the mall. I had visions of new shoes, new outfits and maybe if I was lucky a new bag. I had coupons and a plan of attack all ready.
And then I went.
Its hard to say exactly what went wrong. Either I am totally off my game or the stores just don't have anything right now, because I found NOTHING!!! I also had a few revelations on my shopping trip:
*I'm at a fashion crossroad. All the clothes I found today fell into 2 categories. Skanky Club Clothes or Business Professional. I went everywhere and all I could seem to find was either one extreme or the next. Not particularly helpful since I wasn't looking to sell my body or take up space in a cubicle.
*I get that prints are in right now but calm down people. All I found was prints, prints, prints. Whatever happened to a classic solid cardigan.
*Is there no such thing as Spring clothes? All I found were racks and racks of the crap left over from winter or flip flops & summer dresses. Again, not what I was looking for.
*My baby belly was much cuter than the pouch that is it's remains. A muffin top isn't quite as fun to dress up.
*I always seem to find cute clothes when I don't need them. When I do need something it seems I can never find it. Maybe I should start focusing on shopping for Mexico now...
*I never felt more motivated to work out than right after trying on clothes. I practically jumped on the treadmill when we got home.
So I came home empty handed. The hunt is still on....

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alissa mae said...

Do you have any fashionable friends that would want to get in on a clothing swap? I swear all I wear anymore is hand-me-downs from my friends and I couldn't be happier. Fits my budget, too.