Monday, March 1, 2010

PSA Thursday: Fashion Crimes and a Giveaway for a Good Cause

On the suggestion of Sarah at The Inimitable Miss S this weeks PSA Thursday is dedicated to Fashion Crimes. Now let me just say, I know I am no fashion expert. I consider myself to be stylish enough, but I'm no fashionista. I am however a human being with eyes and enough good sense to know what looks good and what doesn't, so for this post forgive me, but yea, I'm judgin'.

Crime #1: Not Dressing Your Size: As a former skinny girl myself I know that it's depressing to buy clothes bigger than your ideal size. That being said, sucking yourself into a size 8 does not make you a size 8. It makes your look like a size 28 stuffed into a size 8. Even if you are only a 10 or 12. Most people don't realize that wearing a size too small actually makes themselves appear larger than they really are. And nothings worse than seeing someone oozing out of their clothing. Do yourself a favor and buy clothes true to your real size. I promise you will look better, if not skinnier. And no one will know the size on the tag but you...unless you put your clothes on inside out.

As yummy as it sounds, a muffin top is quite the opposite!

Crime #2 Trends aren't for Everyone: Just because you've seen something "all over the runway" or splashed all over the pages of Vogue does not mean it translates to the everyday woman. Know your body type and what will suit you and what won't. If you are trying out a new trend and it feels forced, than it probably LOOKS forced. Don't be a slave to fashion or you'll end up looking ridiculous. And like these girls....

Crime #3 Leggings Are Not Pants and Tunic's Are Not Dresses: I really don't think I need to elaborate on this , but since I see this particular crime committed at LEAST once I day, apparently I do. So boys and girls, let's review. If you are wearing leggings it is customary for your shirt to cover your butt and your lady bits. Conversely, if the shirt or dress is to your ankles, leggings are not needed. And Tunic's/long shirts and sweaters SHOULD ALWAYS BE WORN WITH SOME SORT OF LEG COVERING!!! Yes, I know I am shouting, but I see way too many girls wearing them as dresses and it annoys the crap out of me. I don't care how great your legs are, it still looks silly. And I should do not count as leg coverings.

Yes, this is Britney. But I've seen the same thing commited by girls at the mall!

Crime #4 Pick ONE Asset to Flaunt: If you want to show off your legs, great! Have a great rack? Go ahead and wear that low cut shirt. Got killer ab's? Midriff baring shirts aren't really my cup of tea...but fine....go with it. But don't you dare show off more than one thing at a time. It makes you look cheap, tacky, and you've totally defeated the purpose. Because now no one is looking at your best "feature" they are just looking at the hot mess that you've become!

Crime #5 High Heels are not for amateurs: I saved this for last because nothing simultaneously annoys and amuses me as much as watching someone walking in heels that has no idea what they are doing. If worn properly heels have the power to make you taller, seem thinner, and give you incredible confidence. If worn incorrectly they have the power to make you look like a baby deer walking for the first time. Girls...walking in high heels requires a bit of finesse. Spare yourself the public humiliation and wear them around your house for awhile to break them, and yourself, in. If you don't there will be people like me out there that will point at laugh at you as you stumble past us.

And now for the Pièce de ré very first Blog giveaway! Every year I like to participate in Read For the Cure benefiting Susan G. Komen for the Cure®. I tend to be a bit of a magazine junkie and I love, love, love this program because 10% of every subscription goes towards finding a cure for breast cancer.

So this year, along with my own order, I will award 1 lucky reader a year's subscription to their choice of the following magazines : Lucky, Glamour, or Allure. Here are the rules-they are pretty simple:

1.) Follow my Blog -if you really like it, grab the button and add it to your blog!

2.)Leave me a comment with your favorite Fashion Don't -either one here or one of your own.

3.)In the comment leave your email address so I can contact you if you win!!

I will select a winner at random on March 19th!!


metta1313 said...

I follow your blog

365days30andmommyhood at gmail dot com

metta1313 said...

My fashion don't is wearing super tight clothes when you shouldn't. I mean, I'm a bit overweight and I try my best to wear things that flatter my body, but so many people just don't!

Sarah Sickles Coward said...

I follow you and adore you to bits! Thanks for the shout-out on this post!

For the record, besides the obvious that LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS!, I also abhor the whole "Let's be St. Tropez tan year round!" trend that I see happening all over. I understand wanting to be a little sun-kissed, but the orange skin just makes me think of a sad old leather bag stuck in the back of your closet because it cost a fortune but now it's too beat to wear out. Ditch the ugly tan (and the ugly bags!)

Lauren said...

I follow your blog :)

Lauren said...

My email is

I HATE when people where all denim oh and windbreaker suits. The bad thing is, my mom and aunt both of those outfits on today when they went shopping and thought they looked great!
Maybe it's time to update their '90 wardrobe

Unknown said...

I love reading your blog! I always get a good laugh! My fashion pet peeves are people squeezing into clothing that simply DOES NOT fit and people who do not dress their age. There is a point in time when adults should stop shopping in the tween or juniors sections! My email is

Jess said...

I'm a follower and have your button on my blog : )

jessalicious01 at yahoo dot com

Jess said...

favorite fashion don't:
My own- Plummers crack/whale tale. Please. No!

jessalicious01 at yahoo dot com

Cindy said...

I'm following your blog. Yay! :)


Cindy said...

I hate to see guys wearing girl pants. Sorry, but IMHO there is nothing more unattractive than a dude wearing skin tight denim leggings.