Monday, March 15, 2010

McFatty Monday

Another 2 lbs. gone and another $20 in my envelope!! I feel good lately. I can button and zip my clothes without doing the "suck it in dance" and my clothes just fit better. I'm also dealing better with the hunger I was feeling the last few weeks. There are moments when I just want to pig out-yesterday I actually picked thru my bags of trail mix for the m&m's in a moment of chocolate weakness but I've learned to give into my craving but with control. If at work I am craving wings or a cheeseburger, I order the kids portion. It has saved me from a ton of extra calories and $$. It does take more time to eat healthy, and I am constantly trying to find new recipes to keep me interested, so this week if you have any good healthy recipes bring them on!!
Starting weight: 165
Last weeks weight:161
This weeks weight:159
Next weeks goal: Try to kick up the workouts to 30 mins everyday. (M-F) Keep tracking food and recording daily.


Unknown said...

great job, ang!

Blair@HeirtoBlair said...

Good job!!!! & that envelope is getting fat now!

Cravings with control...I like it.