Monday, March 1, 2010

McFatty Monday

Starting weight: 165
Last weigh-in: 161 on 2/20
Today's weight: 163

I guess I'll be taking $20 out of my envelope. :-(
This weigh-in was particularly frustrating because unlike the previous week, this week I feel like I actually tried to eat better. That being said, if anything, last week was a step in the right direction.

Successes: I kept track of everything I ate-everyday. And I was honest, even when I ate things I shouldn't have. I did this because I want an accurate analyse of my eating habits. After reflecting on the week all I can say is staying under 1500 calories a day is HARD!! I find myself hungry ALL THE TIME! But I think I may know why. I think it's because the meals I am eating-though within my calorie range- are not filling enough. They are empty calories. So I eat and 2 minutes later I am ravenous again. Eating healthy is hard! Especially with a new baby and a job where fatty unhealthy foods are paraded in front of you everyday. Do you know how much willpower it takes to eat a Salad when Onion Rings and Chicken Wings are right under your nose-and smell soooo good?! All and all I really did try to make better choices this week, but I did have my weak moments.

Failures: I only had 2 days that I actually stayed within the 1500 calories. That's not to say that the other days I went way over.I mostly stayed within my goal by 200 calories or less, but if I am really serious about this weight loss I need to try a little harder. I also didn't work out at all last week. :-(

This weeks plan: Go grocery shopping and get better foods. More proteins, fruits and veggies. I also am planning on working out for AT LEAST 20mins each day. And I am going to keep up with keeping track of my food each day.

On a side note: Saturday was a BIG cheat day for me! My mom came to baby-sit so Kevin and I could have a "date night". We were going to go to Al Capone's Hideaway, since I've wanted to go there for as long as I can remember, but since I didn't make much money the last few shifts at work, we decided to go to Carraba's instead. If you've never been, I highly recommend them. It's some of the best food I've eaten and it's very reasonably priced. Kevin and I each got the steak and scallop dinner special, we split a bottle of Coppola Pino Noir, and got some dessert. Out bill was $87 ! And it was all soooooo yummy! We had a really good time, and while we missed the baby, we actually managed to talk about non-baby related things!! Then we met up with my brother and sister in-law for some drinks. It felt SO good to get out and unwind, and even better to get a little tipsy!

And I'm not coming to McFatty Monday empty handed! Here is a recipe I found on SparkPeople. It's actually really good and a nice fix for a sweet-tooth craving. Enjoy!!

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Blair said...

I am a FIRM believer that steak & wine with the huz outweight weight loss any day!

you'll earn that $20 back in no time!

& I eat the hell out of some protein - my big "rule" is to never eat a carb without a protein. Lowfat cheese sticks are my go-to for a snack when I am beyond starving - sometimes I toss in a few crackers if I'm cranky, just to give a carb boost!

Good luck this coming week!