Monday, March 22, 2010

McFatty Monday: I've become Jillian Michaels Bitch

Last week I was a little bit of a slacker. I wasn't so on point with my food tracking and my workouts were a bit shorter than usual. While I still tried to eat right, I found myself reaching for unhealthy things out of convenience. On nights that I came home ravenous it was easier to grab some chips than it was to make something healthy. We also had a dinner date with my brother in-law and a wedding last week. While I the food I ate wasn't too bad for me, I am sure the copious amounts of alcohol consumed were. These things happen when you have a sitter for the night!
Since today marks the 30 day mark until Mexico- I have to get serious. So I've decide to give my life over to Jillian Michaels. I have heard lots of good things about the 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels and I bought the DVD a year ago, but up until now it's pretty much been collecting dust on a shelf. I decided to dust it off because the concept is just what I am looking for. Weight loss and toning in 20 mins. With Jackson teething and wanting to be held 24/7 I need something that is going to get the job done fast, so I'm hoping Jillian gets me results.
I've tried many DVD/TV workouts before. I have a few faves but I really like this one. Jillian is a BITCH. But she is also 100% right. She actually yells at you during the workout, which is surprisingly motivating. Truth is during most of the workout I was cursing her in my head. I would've out loud had I been able to talk. But deep inside I knew she was right, if I was only going to workout 20 mins a day I needed to give it my all if I wanted results. After it was all said and done I felt good and I am hoping these 20 mins each day will give me the results I am looking for.
Blair at McFatty Monday asked this week what your weight loss journey has taught you about yourself. For me I've learned control. Well ok...I'm still learning it. But I think it's important to learn to enjoy things but in moderation. Not only for my own well being but for my children's. I don't want them growing up with poor eating habits and thinking that it is ok to give in to every craving and whim. I want to teach them that holding out for something makes it all the more worthwhile once you actually have it. And I want to teach them that you need to work hard for the things you really want.
I never thought losing a little weight would teach me so much...
Starting weight: 165
Last weeks weight: 159
This weeks: 160 :-(
Goals this week: Get back to recording daily calories and become Jillian Michaels Bitch for 20 mins every day. EVERY DAY. (no weekends off)

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Blair@HeirtoBlair said...

Jillian is INSANE in the best way possible! & the things she yells are so true - I always feel like she's speaking right to me.

Good luck doing it every day!!! I'm holding you to that ;)