Thursday, February 25, 2010

PSA Thursday: Politics

I sat down with the intention to write this on an entirely different topic but then I checked my email and got a little fired up.
An acquaintance from College is running for a local political office. Mind you I like the guy, we got along great, and I am sure he is capable of doing the job. But when I read the email and visited the attached link...I wanted to gag. That's how much BS his campaign is dripping with.
I'm not about to get on a political soapbox because I really think politics, like abortion and religion, are one of those beliefs that you can't change any one's mind on. No matter how eloquent your argument. So that's not what I am trying to do. I will merely tell you, like the title of my blog states, my opinion.
This guy is a smart guy. I won't deny him that. I'm sure most politicians are. But the one thing I think most of them forget is their audience. And reading over his website and policy promises all I saw was a bunch of fancy political jargon mixed in with a current analysis of the states most pressing problems. Now I didn't graduate college and may just be a simple folk and all, but I am willing to bet that if I don't understand your campaign most people don't. And throwing around words like "mitigate", "transparency", and "deficit" does make you seem intelligent but still doesn't tell me who you are as a politician and how you are going to fix the problems in our state.

This message has been approved by the office of IMO and paid for by the People Who Are Tired of Politicians Pushing BS Down Their Throat.

And since I believe in democracy I am opening PSA Thursday's up to you! Please leave me a comment on what you think should be next Thursday's PSA.

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Sarah Sickles Coward said...

New page is looking good, chica!

And I completely agree. From both sides of the aisle, more and more politicians are forgetting that their office is actually FOR THE REST OF US. Constituents are the ones who get them there, so that, ultimately, they can guide us towards a better society. Don't coddle us, don't give us double-speak...just give us, in plain words, what your vision of an ideal situation is, for everyone affected.

Whew. This topic got me on a soapbox too. Yikes! I didn't even stretch first!

Next week PSA: The Millenials: No, Those Leggings Are Not Pants, Drinking PBR Doesn't Make You Cool and Showering Won't Make You Melt Like The Wicked Witch of the West.