Monday, February 22, 2010

McFatty Monday: Take 3

I did it!! I finally lost some poundage.

For those of you that didn't read last McFatty Monday's post, I decided that I needed to bribe myself to lose some weight. Hence the idea to pay myself $10 for every pound lost. I have a handy dandy envelope to dispense said cash in, and I will take $10 out for every pound I gain back-which godwilling won't happen. As of April 10th, my 3oth birthday, I will use said cash to go on a fun filled shopping spree. One that most certainly will be required to clothe my new svelte body!

Truth be told, I am kinda shocked that I lost 4 pounds. To be sure, I weighed myself at 3 different times today. I didn't really do much last week to warrant such progress. Of the little I did do, I came across these revelations:

*Working out post baby is hilarious! Never before did I jiggle so much during a jumping jack. I didn't realize how loose the "pooch" on my tummy would be. I seriously need to find an ab toning workout, preferably one that doesn't involve crunches.
*I can use my Netflix to instantly watch Fitness DVD's. Have not gone as far as to actually work out to one yet, but there are 5 good ones just waiting to be watched in my queue.
*Calories are sneaky little suckers. After doing some research last week on the calories in some of my favorite foods, I found them, lots of them, hiding in plain sight. For example, I have 2 drinks that I frequent at Starbucks. A Grande Iced Toffee Nut Latte with no whipped cream and a Grande Iced Apple Chai Infusion. After checking out the Nutritional Info on I was shocked to find out that the Apple Chai Infusion had DOUBLE the calories. For some reason I thought the latte would because of the milk, syrup, and coffee. Boy was I wrong! I guess I'll be forgoing the Apple Infusion unless some special occasion warrants the indulgence.
*I visited the Nutrition page of some places we frequent and was shocked at how horrible some of it is for you. I printed some of them out and highlighted the not-so-bad stuff. I am hoping it may make it easier to make better choices next time.
*I'm trying-keyword:trying-to give up sweets for lent. I am a bad Catholic because I am doing this more for the weight loss than the sacrifice to God. I feel guilty for this, but then again isn't that what being a good Catholic is all about?
*I think if I can keep Lunch and Dinner to 500 calories or less and Breakfast 300 calories or less I'll be fine. This leaves me 200 calories to play with for snacks.

Hopefully next week I can add some more money to my pot. I just got the Victorias Secret summer preview catalog and there are at least 4 pairs of shoes calling my name...

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Blair said...

I LOVE the idea of paying yourself per pound. LOVE.

and yes, that is being a good Catholic. Or so I hear. I'm Baptist, raised by a former Catholic. Which always makes for interesting conversation at the dinner table.