Sunday, February 21, 2010

I didn't feel old

Until I started waiting tables again.

The last time I was a server I was a twenty something with no big responsibilities. Serving was the best job because
a.) The earliest I had to get there was 11:00
b.) I went out drinking with all my server friends after work so I didn't care if I worked late and c.) a good night/day meant more money to go out with that night.

The last time I waited tables I didn't really care that much about my tips because I didn't really depend on them. When I got off and it was a hard day, I'd stick around for a few beers or go out with everyone else. I took smoke breaks (yea, I was a smoker) to deal with rude people and even if a shift started at 12:00pm I would still complain that I was tired because I was out late the night before.
Now, 11:00am is fine with me, especially because the baby sleeps thru the night. I count every tip and when I get stiffed by a table I get angry because "that's food from my baby's mouth"-ok a bit dramatic I know. And instead of sneaking a cigarette I sneak into the bathroom and call to check up on my sweet little boy. And I never stay/go out for a drink because I cant wait to go home and see him.
It's funny how being a mom changes you. I look at some of the people I work with and their 20-something drama. I remember being them. I remember not wanting to do anything but have a good time.
And I did.
My 20's were some of the best times of my life. Sometimes a very small part of me misses the irresponsibility that came with my early 20's. But when I come home to my family-my husband and my little boy- there is nowhere else I'd rather be.

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Ali@LastSplash said...

I nominated you for an award...and I was reminiscing today about when my husband and I were first married and got our dog as a puppy. How sweet and carefree those days were. Of course I wouldn't change a thing, but we didn't know how easy we had it back then!