Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Kind of Town...

It's been a few days since my last post, but I promised you all quality not quantity!!

The past few days have been busy and between working, running a crap-ton of errands, and finding time to snuggle with BOTH my boys, I am one tuckered out mama!

My recovery from Lasik was virtually non-existent. I have friends who are surprised by this and tell me of people they know that had 2-3 days to recover, and it makes me think: a.) They were lying and just needed an excuse to take off of work, b.) They were wusses or c.) They had some back alley procedure preformed by a witch doctor of some sorts. Sadly enough my biggest recovery complaint is the no eye makeup for a week after the procedure rule. I'm one of those I-feel-naked-without-mascara kind of girls. Don't judge.

It is also very odd for me to contemplate the idea that I no longer have to take out or put in contacts. After wearing them for 10+ years it was second nature to me, so I still find myself getting up to do so every morning and night. I wonder how long it will take to break myself of that??

Friday I ran errands ALL day! Then I went to work, which was a good thing because my previous employer messed up paying out my vacation time and I found myself in need of some cash ASAP! Saturday morning I woke up and couldn't wait to play kissy face with Jack. I feel like I need to soak up every moment with him I can because someday, way to soon for me, he is going to object to me squeezing and cooing at him. I did this all day until Kev came home and my Aunt came over to spend the night with Jackson. That's right...Date Night!

It was our friend Steve's birthday and he and his wife, Andrea, had invited us to go see Jim Gaffigan preform at the Chicago Theater. If you've never heard of Jim Gaffigan you are seriously missing out, and I give you full permission to stop reading my blog right now and google him! But if you have, then you know how awesome he is, and can understand how excited Kev and I were to finally see him in person. The show was awesome, and afterwards we headed across the river to Harry Caray's for some drinks and food. It was good to have some adult conversation and get a little tipsy-even if I had to pay $8 a drink to do so.

I wish I could write more about last night, but I'm no spring chicken and going out -as fun as it was- wore me out. I haven't woken up with a headache from drinking in a long time, and I didn't even drink that much last night!! Ahh the joys of getting old!

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