Monday, September 28, 2015

Jamberry TruShine Gel System Review

Some of you may know that last year I decided to sign up and become a Jamberry Nails consultant.  Truthfully, I am kind of addicted to the whole concept of Direct Sales, but that's another post in itself. Jamberry was just a baby of a company when I signed up, so it was exciting to be a part of a new and successful business.
But as  it is with any business there can be up's and down's and Jamberry was no exception.
Pretty soon Jamberry was everywhere which may seem like a good thing, but in Direct sales, the more popular the company, the more consultants, which means more competition.
Add to that the fact that I struggled with my own application issues and had a hard time getting my wraps to stay on.
I had pretty much resigned myself to quitting.

Then the TruShine system came along.

TruShine was released at our National JamCon in August and right away gained buzz from the consultants there that received it.
TruShine not only features a 5 Free gel enamel line, but also provides a self timed LED curing lamp that cuts down on exposure to harmful UV rays.

The best part though: It works with our wraps!

Naturally, I had to try it for myself.

I was hording away a half off code I snagged for referring a party in the spring so I decided to use it to buy the TruShine Starter Kit. It retails for $120 and includeds the LED lamp, Gel base coat, Gel top coat, Black Cherry Gel Enamel, Jamberry Cuticle Oil, 10 Jamberry Prep wipes, 50 Gel Removal packets (featured in Women's Health Magazine), buffing block, cuticle stick, file and orange sticks.

After my half off code it was $67 with tax and shipping!

I waited after I put the kids to bed so I could take my time and concentrate. I've never used any kind of Gel System at home so I wanted to make sure I took my time and did everything right. Overall, application from start to finish took 1 hour and 12 minutes. This included putting my 3 year old back to bed twice and one potty break. If I had to guess, I'd say I actually spent a little over 45 minutes ACTUALLY doing my nails.

Here is my process:

I washed my hands, pushed back my cuticles and put a quick coat of Jamberry Nail Strengthening polish on. Then I applied my wraps as usual. I wanted to do an accent nail or 2 of the Black Cherry just to see the difference between the gel with gel color and the gel with wraps..

After I applied the wraps, I lightly buffed them and my naked fingers and cleaned them off with a prep wipe. SAVE THE WIPE, YOU WILL USE IT LATER!!

I applied the Gel Base Coat to all nails, wraps and naked. then I cured them under the light. I do my 4 nails on one hand, 4 on the other and then both  thumbs. Feel free to do it your own way!

After curing the base coat, I applied 2 coats of Black Cherry gel Color to my naked nails and cured them after each coat. The Gel Enamel is thicker than most polish so it takes some getting used to. My best advice here is to use thin coats and wipe off any gel that gets on your skin before curing. (I used the orange stick but found an easier way...more on that later) Another tip: Brush across the tips to seal the gel in. It's a little trickier the shorter your nails are, but trust me, it makes a difference.

Next I applied the Gel Top Coat to all nails and cured one last time.

After you cure, be sure and used your saved wipes to wipe off the sticky gel residue.
Here is the final product!!!

 My nails lasted me a good 10 days with no problems. On the 11th day, I smashed my thumbnail and the gel broke off. The gel over the wraps was still going strong when I removed them, however I did notice that they began to get a yellowish sheen to them. I am a non smoker and didn't spend a ton of time in the sun but apparently this is common and is more noticeable over lighter/white wraps and colors.

Removal was super easy. The removal packets are worth the $12 by far. They smell pleasant even have a sticky side that you can use to really seal your fingers in there. After 10 minutes my gel flaked right off.

I was able to use a few of the packets over again, but had to keep them on twice as long, so it's up to you whether to save your money or your time.

Overall, I am really impressed with the system. It was easy to use, even for the first time. My nails seem to be a stronger and feel more reinforced. I don't have the bubbling or lifting I normally after applying my wraps. My tips are smooth. Honestly this is the best my nails have felt since I had acrylics! Stay tuned or follow me on Instgram or Facebook to see how they hold up.
The only cons I can see right now is the overall price, though that can easily be fixed by hosting a party and getting the system with Hostess Rewards!

If you'd like more info on the system or are interested in hosting a party you can go to this link and send me a message!

Stay tuned for some tips and tricks!!

Monday, September 7, 2015

The day I thought I created a life hack

You know life hacks, right?

Ingenious little ideas that promise to make life easier and have you smacking your head saying, "why didn't I think of that??"

Well, yesterday one came to me. Allow me to share.

e keep a list of our commonly used canned goods taped to the inside of our lazy Susan cabinet. This way we know what we are running low on without having to riffle through everything. It's on a small piece of paper and we were using the tally system, but after a few months, I got tired of having to keep making a new list when the current one filled up.
Then the light bulb in my head went off.
What if it was dry erase??

But how could I make it try erase?

Then it came to me...

Behold, my creation!

So I made it official...

Cause if you make it a meme you can become famous on the Internets right????

Here are some of my other favorite Life Hacks...

Anything that makes my wine prettier AND is functional is a win in my book

I only drink my coffee iced, so this is genius...

I saw this hack on Facebook a few years ago, and it is now the ONLY way I eat a cupcake

This is pretty ingenious if you ask me. Maybe a little more work than I'm willing to put in but smart nonetheless...

I've used this on my kids and it works great!

Let's face it, I'll probably still ball up my fitted sheet in frustration but it's nice to see that it can be done...

What is your favorite life hack??

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Comeback??

Don't call it a comeback.
No, really. Don't.
Cause if you have ever followed this blog for any amount of time than you know, consistency is not my strong suit.
At any rate, I've taken a step back from working and have a little more time in my hands so I thought it might be worth it to try and take a stab at this whole blog thing again. We'll see where it takes us!

At my last entry I talked about the 21 Day fix, which lasted all of 21 minutes.
Honestly, it seems easy enough, but as a mom of 2 picky eaters and a husband with crazy work hours, this plan was not for me.
On the positive side, I will say that the workouts are awesome. For being as short as they are, they require little to no equipment and are effective and motivating.
The idea of the program seems easy, but you really need to plan out your eating strategy in depth to be successful. This is not the kind of diet you can just pick up on the fly. I appreciate the idea of eating clean, it just doesn't totally work for us right now. That said, even at a fail, the program did inspire me to look at ways to cut out processed foods here and there and make healthier choices.

So right now, I have shed a few, just at a slower place than I would like. Hopefully I can stay on the right track through the Fall/Winter. Those are my critical months. Football season is my downfall! All that beer and dips and chips and other game day food, isn't exactly healthy and slimming food. We shall see what the future holds.

My wish for this blog going forward is to be a sounding board for products and other treats I've tried and my reviews of them. True to MamaInsomnia form, I of course will sprinkle in randomness here and there, but in the meantime I hope to find recipes, products and other goodies you will enjoy and be your own personal guinea pig!

Who is with me?